“Toyota Untold” podcast returns

Trey McDaniel shares his heroic tale on “Toyota Untold,” Toyota Motor North America’s relaunched podcast.

Are you a Toyota driver or maybe just someone who is really interested in where the car industry is headed today? Then “Toyota Untold” might be just the podcast for you.

Toyota Motor North America has relaunched its podcast with expanded content covering in-depth topics like technology research, conceptual ideas and some of the brand’s iconic nameplates. But the show is more than just a corporate soundboard, with hosts Kelsey Soule and Tyler Litchenberger bringing in outside voices from owners, drivers, hobbyists and explorers.

For instance, the show is relaunching with a dual-episode — one on Trey McDaniel and another on the legendary MR2.

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In the podcast on McDaniel, this emergency medic shares his heroic tale of surviving the recent 130-car winter storm pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas, escaping his totaled Toyota FJ Cruiser and administering aid to injured drivers around him.

The legendary MR2

In the second episode, the spotlight shines on the MR2, discussing how a maxed out mid-engine changed the game for vehicles in its category around the world. Bill Strong, a recognized MR2 expert, owner, driver and builder joins Toyota team members Andrew Eleazar and Jack Ferguson to discuss this cult classic.

Check it out at ToyotaUntold.com.

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