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As an executive vice president of a Tier 1 supplier, I used to lead strategic planning sessions where we did our best to predict and analyze what would be happening in our markets one to three years out. This was a challenging process, and fortunately it usually worked out well for our shareholders, customers, employees and other constituencies.

In my role as head of GAMA, our strategic planning effort is taking on a different form for our next two years as we prepare to host the SAC in 2018.  GAMA will be following in the large footsteps of MAMA (this year’s SAC host), AAMA next year and TAMA in 2015.

In 2017, GAMA will be an “apprentice, ” learning from Ron Davis, president of AAMA, and his Board.  GAMA is privileged to have this opportunity and we expect the SAC to continue growing in 2017 and 2018, making it not only the leading event of its type in this region, but a leading event worldwide as the Southeast continues to gain prominence in the automotive industry.

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Elsewhere, GAMA is looking forward to a November 2 tour of the Blue Bird (Main Bus Facility) in Fort Valley as well as several other meetings and events on the horizon.  We also are proud to note that several automakers and Tier 1 suppliers not only have manufacturing interests in Georgia, but also have non-manufacturing interests here, all of which are critical to a successful industry.

That includes Hyundai Powertech in West Point; Honda Precision Parts of Georgia in Tallapoosa; American Honda Finance Corporation in Alpharetta; VW Credit in Alpharetta; Mercedes-Benz USA in Atlanta; Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in Atlanta; Porsche Cars North America in Atlanta; and Hyundai Capital America in Atlanta.

GAMA is very proud to announce the membership of the Marietta-based accounting firm of Moore Colson.  This firm is not new to the transportation industry, having been a member of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association (GMTA) for years.  GAMA is fortunate to have the expertise and energy of partners Mike Pompilio and Tim Ayres.

GAMA was fortunate recently to again hear Bill Strauss, senior economist and economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, present a captivating review of economic projections for 2017 for the economy in general, manufacturing, as well as automotive manufacturing.  It was the sixth time Strauss has presented to GAMA. 

Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association (GAMA) becomes an “apprentice” in 2017 as it gears up to host the Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) in 2018.

Nick Patterson

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