Sigmatex expands in South Carolina

The expansion is part of the carbon fiber manufacturer's consolidation of facilities in the U.S.

Automotive carbon fiber. Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Sigmatex Carbon Textile Solutions Inc. will expand its operations in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, investing $4.5 million and creating another 50 jobs.

Founded in 1986, Sigmatex develops and manufactures carbon fiber textiles for composite material applications, serving the aerospace, military, automotive, renewable energy, consumer electronics, sports and leisure industries.

“It’s a great day when a company expands its footprint in our state. Sigmatex’s decision to further invest in Orangeburg County and create 50 new jobs is exciting news for South Carolina, and we look forward to their future growth,” said Gov. Henry McMaster.

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Expected to be complete by June 2021, the expansion is part of the company’s decision to consolidate its operational footprint in the United States, creating a Centre of Excellence at Orangeburg, where its plant was built in 2016 to accommodate future growth. The site already offers significant expansion potential and houses state-of-the-art weaving and multiaxial cells. As part of the consolidation, Sigmatex had announced in October that it would be increasing its weaving capacity and making additional investments in innovative technologies at the plant.

“At the heart of our business is our people. Since the day we decided to locate our business in South Carolina, we have been delighted with the skill and commitment of the local people we’ve brought on board, and that’s what made our decision to invest further into South Carolina an easy one,” said Paul McMullan, CEO of Sigmatex. “The plant in Orangeburg will be our flagship operation, with industry-leading equipment, innovative new products and highly capable people. We believe it will be a recipe for success. We are grateful for the support of the Orangeburg County Development Commission and the South Carolina Department of Commerce and look forward to a thrilling next six months as we bring our plans to fruition.”

Sigmatex’s carbon fiber is used in products where lightweight and strength are essential to achieving high performance, significant weight reduction and increased fuel efficiency or driving range. The company works with automotive customers to design and develop specifically optimized carbon fiber textiles for vehicle chassis, structural body parts, visual components, headliners and exterior trim components. The company also works with automotive OEMs on large-scale collaborative research and development programs to help it adopt new processing technologies and develop new products.

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