Safety for Everyone: More Than Just a Tagline at Honda

Compelling survival stories power the brand's campaign

When customers take time out of their schedules to give companies feedback on products or services, some companies listen. That is even more the case when the customer credits the company’s product for potentially saving his or her life or the lives of their loved ones.

The Safety for Everyone Customer Stories series also features onscreen interviews with family members directly impacted by the safety and well-being of a Honda customer involved in a collision. Photo courtesy, Honda

Honda is drawing from some of its customers’ feedback for its Safety for Everyone campaign, a series of raw and compelling stories as told by the actual Honda customers involved in serious collisions.

These customers were involved in major collision events, but walked away without serious injury, crediting the performance of the Honda vehicle with saving their lives. The video series started in late October and will run through 2020 across Honda social channels and on VoD. Each of the new videos embody the central theme that collisions affect more than those directly involved, including family members, loved ones and close friends. The new videos also are available on the Safety for Everyone website,, where Honda engineers explain how they develop vehicles to help protect customers in various collision scenarios, along with other safety information.

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The first customer story featured involves Nicole Hart, who shared on Facebook and in a letter to Honda, that in April 2019, she reached for a tissue while driving her 2018 HR-V and found herself drifting into oncoming traffic. Hart’s vehicle hit the utility trailer towed by a pickup truck and her HR-V rolled over multiple times. Hart walked away with only a sprained wrist and minor cuts and bruises, crediting the thoughtful engineering design of her Honda vehicle with her survival.

“I am grateful to those who designed and engineered my Honda HR-V. The amount of consideration Honda puts into safety of each and every vehicle they put on the road makes all the difference,” Hart said. “Not only did I have a guardian angel the day I crashed, but I had a Honda.”

Following the crash, the HondaLink Assist automatically prompted a call to a response agent who immediately requested that emergency personnel arrive on the scene.

Additional videos in the series will be released in the coming weeks, featuring onscreen interviews with family members directly impacted by the safety and well-being of a Honda customer involved in a collision.

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