Partnership between dlhBOWLES and RAPA leads to automotive camera and sensor cleaning technology

Two companies, dlhBOWLES and RAPA, have developed a new innovative technology for advanced driving systems (ADS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). Cler™ is a camera and sensor cleaning product line that uses patented technology developed by dlhBOWLES to distribute air and water at the right time to the right location on a vehicle in order to keep cameras and sensors free of environmental contaminants, like dust, mud, road salt and more, while the vehicle is in operation.

Cl­er includes RAPA’s solenoid distribution system to control when, how and how much air or liquid is distributed to a sensor. The Cler system integrates into a vehicle’s existing washer system.

The companies are expected to display the new technology at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada January 7-10, 2020. A peak behind the tech curtain is invitation only, however.

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John Saxon, dlhBOWLES chief executive officer, said, “Our recently formed partnership with RAPA underscores dlhBOWLES’ commitment to serve our customers with excellence in everything we do and furthermore reflects our desire to collaborate with companies who share our vision of constant improvement.”

The presence of cameras and sensor systems on new vehicles has increased significantly over the past few years and will be a part of standard equipment in the coming years as more vehicles adopt the ADS technology.

A backup camera gets a bath. Photo by dlhBOWLES.

RAPA develops innovative solutions in safety, e-mobility, efficiency and sustainability. “Anticipating the engineering challenges of our customers before they face them is at the heart of our product developmental strategy,” RAPA LP CEO Kelly Nelson said. “The opportunity to collaborate with a company like dlhBOWLES should be seen as a clear commitment to our customers to that end. Together we will lead the way in providing solutions to our customers within the ever-changing and challenging engineering landscape of autonomous driving.”

RAPA is a family-owned company based in Selb, Germany, where it will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. In addition, the company’s first factory outside of Germany is in Auburn, Alabama, where its customers include ZF, Chrysler and Continental.

dlhBOWLES has been in business for more than 60 years, based out of Ohio but with its injection molding, engineering and R&D facility in Columbia, Maryland. It has more than 250 patents in the area of fluid management systems and devices. It also has four other locations in North America, three in the U.S. and one in Mexico.

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