ORBIS Corp. Finalist for Product of the Year Award

A view from below an Odyssey rackable pallet.

ORBIS Corp.’s new Odyssey rackable pallet has been selected as a finalist for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year award, which highlights new products in the manufacturing and warehousing/distribution industries. The Odyssey is one of six products represented in the Material Handling Systems category.

ORBIS Corp. has more than 170 years of material handling expertise. The company’s Odyssey pallet is a reusable packaging solution that supports heavy loads and provides stability in its design, including optional steel reinforcements and molded-in frictional elements. The rackable pallet has a variety of applications and markets, including automotive materials, raw materials, cold storage, food processing, dry goods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and more.

“We are honored to have the Odyssey recognized by such an esteemed publication,” said Alison Zitzke, senior product manager for ORBIS Corp. “The Odyssey pallet is a great representation of the innovative plastic offerings we at ORBIS strive to produce. It expands the work we do to improve product and associate safety, create a sustainable supply chain and better serve our customers’ application requirements.”

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Voting for the companies’ products that have been nominated takes place within the New Products for Engineers database through Feb. 5, with winners being announced in April, 2021.

ORBIS Corp. has 55 locations throughout North America and Europe, including multiple manufacturing, assembly and service centers throughout the Southern U.S.

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