OEMs stay fluid on restart dates

Mercedes-Benz now going for April 27, others shift to mid-May


Once again, the needle has moved on when automakers plan to restart factories around the South.

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Mercedes-Benz announced Friday that it would now look to April 27 for its restart, having shut down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama back on March 23.

Several other automakers have similarly moved their reopening, trying to balance a number of factors including employee safety, delicate supply chains and the extra cost of having to close again if they miscalculate. Here’s the latest listing for the South:



Hyundai, May 4

Honda, May 4

Toyota, April 20

Mercedes-Benz, April 27



Kia, April 13



Toyota, May 4

Ford Truck, No date

Ford, No date

GM, No date



Toyota, May 4

Nissan, mid-May


South Carolina

BMW, May 1

Mercedes-Benz Charleston, April 27

Volvo, May 11



Nissan Smyrna, mid-May

Nissan Decherd, mid-May

VW, April 12

GM, No date



Toyota, May 4

GM, No date


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