Modine expands in Tennessee

Modine Manufacturing Co. is expanding its plant in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, investing $1.2 million and creating 45 jobs. The project will relocate three product lines from Missouri and Rhode Island to its Lawrenceburg plant.

Modine will retrofit and expand its current facility for the new lines to be added. Currently, the plant is primarily used to fabricate aluminum and the new lines have significant stainless-steel content.

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Located in Tennessee for more than 30 years, the company manufactures heat transfer products for a wide range of markets including automotive, stationary power generation, mining, agriculture, construction and building HVAC. Modine employs more than 500 people across Tennessee.

“We are fortunate in light of our current competitive environment to have the opportunity to once again expand our operations in Lawrenceburg,” said David Killen, plant manager of Modine Lawrenceburg. “We are excited about the addition of our new heat transfer products that we will supply to the mass transit and stationary power markets.”

Lawrenceburg City Mayor Blake Lay said, “This investment is a vote of confidence in Lawrenceburg’s business climate, workforce and quality of life. I am proud of our city’s longstanding partnership with Modine Manufacturing Co. and the growth this new expansion brings.”

Modine was one of the first heat exchanger manufacturers to market with a light-duty automotive Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler or EGR-C, which has become critical to both diesel and gasoline engine systems to reduce nitrous oxide emissions and improve fuel economy.

In addition, Modine works with original equipment manufacturers and intake manifold suppliers to integrate LCAC into the intake manifold system. LCACs have been used as an after cooler to cool the hot charge air to an acceptable level before entering the engine. With the introduction of series turbocharging, intercooling has become necessary to reduce the charge air temperatures.


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