Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant Reflects Virus Crisis Absenteeism

Ford processed more than 1,000 leaves at the Kentucky plant.

A worker on the line at the Kentucky Truck Plant.

The large number of workers collecting unemployment benefits during the coronavirus crisis has made it harder for businesses, including auto manufacturers, to find workers willing to apply for jobs.

A recent story in the Detroit News details a range of businesses reporting lagging job applicants, including Ford Motor Co.’s Kentucky Truck Plant, in Louisville.

Ford processed more than 1,000 leaves at the plant for those with health conditions that make them vulnerable to the virus or who cannot find childcare, a union leader told the News. Ford officials said they have had to hire 795 temporary workers to meet goals of returning to pre-virus production levels.

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Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant usually employs almost 9,000 workers in the 6 million-square-foot facility.

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