EPA confirms 249-mile range for the all-wheel-drive Volkswagen ID.4

The EPA confirmation comes as pre-production of the ID.4 in Chattanooga has begun.

The Volkswagen ID.4, currently in pre-production in Tennessee.

The Volkswagen ID.4 has been rated for 249 miles on a full charge with its all-wheel-drive option and for 240 miles on the AWD Pro S model, as confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The new electric vehicle has already started rolling off the assembly line in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as part of that plant’s pre-production batch. Official production of the ID.4 will begin in Tennessee in 2022.

The ID.4 models currently being sold in the U.S. were made in Germany.

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The ID.4 Pro rear-wheel-drive previously received an EPA-estimated range of 260 miles on a full charge, while the Pro S rear-wheel-drive was rated at 250 miles on a full charge.

The AWD ID.4 offers an 82kWh (gross) battery along with a permanent-magnet synchronous motor in the rear and an asynchronous motor in the front offering a combined maximum 295 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque. At a public DC fast-charging station with 125 kW charging, the ID.4 can go from 5% to 80% charged in about 38 minutes.

The EPA has estimated the ID.4 AWD Pro to get 102 MPGe in city driving and 90 MPGe in highway driving, with 97 MPGe in combined city/highway driving.

The EPA-estimated fuel economy for the AWD Pro S is 98 MPGe in city driving, 88 MPGe on the highway and 93 MPGe in combined city/highway driving.

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