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The Man Behind Ergoman

Bernard Berry looks like a super hero. If you were to picture what a super-human crime fighter might look like, Berry’s 6-foot-7, ...

Life in the Fast Lane

Wendell Strode admits that his knowledge of cars is about as basic as it gets. “If I turn the key and the car starts,...

A GM Man in BMW Land

Fred Cartwright Photo courtesy of CU-ICAR   ...

Problem Solver Extraordinaire

Mike Steck   Mike Steck’s bio...

Growing Up with Nissan

Steve Marsh   Steve Marsh went...

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Executive Q&A: Nora Roper’s Uniquely Global Perspective on GM

Corvette may be “America’s Sports Car,” but one of the leaders in the facility that builds them brings a world of experience – as...

NAFTA Replacement Treaty Will Bring Certainty To Auto Industry

There still is a lot of ground to cover before the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the revamped North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), goes...

In Constant Motion

Ashley Frye strives to invest purpose in his life as head of the Tennessee Automotive Manufacturers Association.

A Forward Thinking Legacy In Mobility

The Ray: Building the Interstate of the Future in rural Georgia

A Mentor Inside And Outside Of The Classroom

Dr. Bob Woods paves the way for careers of excellence through Formula SAE at UT Arlington