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A Post Election Economic View

All the plates the Trump Administration has in the air right now have the nation’s automobile manufacturing industry a little jumpy. Like the...

Meeting the Challenges of Staffing in a Small Town

When EFI Automotive opened its first U.S. office in 1995, the company headquartered in Beynost, France, selected a Detroit, Michigan,...


It would be hard for us to just do automotive research, ” says Roger King, executive director at CAVS. “I think you have...

Pirelli Brings Proud History to Georgia

Based in Milan, Italy, Pirelli is well known around the world for its long history of producing and supplying premium...

On the Fast Track to Good Driving

Flexing every fiber of its 575-horsepower muscle, the BMW M5 roars down the straightaway of the 1.4-mile track, accelerating from...

IGear’s New Tech Squelches Excess Industry Noise

We all know millennials are super savvy when it comes to technology, but it didn’t take long for Don Korfhage, president and...


The automotive manufacturing process involves a lot of moving parts, and a maker can quickly find itself in the weeds if it tries...

Running a Global Business Tracking the Supply Chain with High Technology

Data Interchange provides technology for electronic data interchange (EDI) between any site and any other site, including from original equipment manufacturing...

Put Me In, Coach

For Rick Youngblood, coaching his youngest son’s baseball team is a lot like managing the...

Soldier of Industry

Augustus Leon Collins had not considered a military career when joining the Mississippi National Guard on...

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What's New

Energy Star Honors GM

GM recognized for efforts to reduce emissions with Energy Star Partner of the Year

Hyundai donates STEM scholarships

Hyundai to offer five female students STEM scholarships of $10,000 each

Toyota Answers Covid-19 Challenge

Toyota to make 3D printed face shields and more for hospitals to battle Covid-19

A Look at OEM Restart Dates

Here's a summation of OEM automotive restart dates in the South

Polaris Halts Some Production

Polaris pauses production, except for vehicles and parts deemed essential by U.S. government