BASF expands South Carolina location

BASF Corp. is expanding its specialty chemical catalyst manufacturing plant in South Carolina, making auto-emission catalysts among other items.

BASF Corp. is expanding its Oconee County, South Carolina, location, creating 50 new jobs.

The Oconee County plant, in Seneca, currently employs approximately 425 employees and contractors on its 123-acre site. It makes specialty chemical catalysts and precious metal salts and solutions that are used in a wide variety of products including auto-emission catalysts, herbicides, plastics, pharmaceuticals and fragrances. It also recycles catalysts, with recycling of the auto catalysts market undertaken on a large scale.

“As we expand our capacity to recycle and refine spent catalysts, BASF Corporation in Seneca is proud to further invest in South Carolina and in the Oconee area. We offer among the highest starting pay in the area, and we look forward to hiring new members to our BASF team,” said Elba Lizardi, BASF Corp. site director.

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The expansion is expected to be completed by mid-2022, and the company is currently hiring through the company’s career webpage.

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