Amcor invests in its InFlex division operations in Georgia

The nearly $8 million expansion will add 100 jobs in Alma.

InFlex, a subsidiary of Georgia-based plastics manufacturer Amcor Inc., is investing nearly $8 million to expand its operations in Alma, Georgia, creating 100 jobs.

“These 100 jobs in Alma will provide a huge boost to families and businesses in the region, and I applaud Amcor for continuing to invest in its home state,” said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

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Headquartered in Thomson, Georgia, Amcor Inc. employs more than 150 people in the region. The company’s expansion of its InFlex division will help it deliver technology and products such as high-strength, lightweight polymer products used in the automotive, packaging and construction industries.

The company will renovate an existing 85,500-square-foot building, with the renovation expected to be complete by the end of this year. New positions at the facility will include sales, operations, engineering and maintenance, with hiring of key positions beginning immediately.

“We are very pleased with the support we have received from our home state of Georgia throughout the selection of our newest manufacturing location,” said Amcor President Matt Powell. “We see tremendous opportunities in Alma, Georgia, for Amcor-InFlex to continue delivering breakthrough innovations to our customers for years to come.”

The company is working with the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Global Commerce division in partnership with the Bacon County Development Authority and the GDEcD’s Center of Innovation for Manufacturing on the expansion.

Started in 1992, Amcor has grown into a diversified manufacturer and supplier to the global plastics industry, with five product divisions.

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