A Look at OEM Restart Dates

It's all subject to change but here’s the latest

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama in Lincoln, Alabama

While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused plans to change, in some cases on an hourly basis, here is a summation of when OEMs in the South have said they plan to restart their production. This list was culled from manufacturer websites and news reports. — Updated 4/6–


Hyundai April 13

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Honda April 13

Toyota April 20

Mercedes April 6



Kia April 13



Toyota April 20

Fort Truck No date

Ford No date

GM No date



Toyota April 20

Nissan Late April


South Carolina

BMW May 1

Volvo April 14



Nissan Smyrna Late April

Nissan Decherd Late April

VW April 12

GM No date



Toyota April 20

GM No date

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